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About the project

Our project aims to develop the awareness and attitude of whole school community, that well-being is essential for successful learning and sustainable way of living. This project aims to be a start of lifelong learning about health and well-being but also develop school culture of well-being school.

Pupils level

The main goal of this project is to increase pupils (and their families) well-being and courage them to take responsibility of their own health and well-being. This project will develop pupils’ sense of sustainable way of living just like our chosen priority. Pupils will have an opportunity to be part of something bigger than school's own projects and get experience of studying in international cooperation. Pupils will get courage to communicate with foreign language.

Teacher level

The main goals for teachers is to make them feel well in school and to help teachers recognize own strengths, points of development and resources of well-being. Teachers will get empowerment and when teacher feels empowered he will have positive attitude about teaching. The project will lead to wider understanding of themes, intercultural cooperation and national traditions of school which are usually taking for granted. They will improve language skills and gain new pedagogical procedures. Concrete result of the project is that teachers will share experiences, teaching skills, pedagogical methods and improve them by learning from the other partners’ experiences. Learning about diverse

educational systems is the key in bringing innovation into school. Teacher’s own profession will be strengthened when they are improving pedagogical and methodological skills. This is a key to our project’s priority.

School level

The main goal for school is to become well-being school. Increased well-being of teachers, open and caring atmosphere in the school are the goals for well-being school. Well-being of teachers and pupils will increase and spirit of the school will become more caring and respectful. Project schools will get new pedagogical procedures that will affect school culture. Project is increasing respect

towards own school's good qualities. Concrete result will be a model of well-being school. Through cooperation and learning, teaching and training activities teachers will get new good procedures to help developing their own school’s school culture.

Local, national and international level

The main goal for community is to share knowledge of well-being school with families, networks, nearby schools, etc. Project participants will get good impacts of well-being and their experience of international cooperation will give feeling of being active part of EU. There will be blog, web page and eTwinning to presents the project and activities. Concrete output of the project is booklet which contains model of well-being school. The booklet will be shared in the blog, projects and schools own web page and Erasmus+ project results platform.

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